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17 December 2020

To be honest, we would like to write less about the pandemic and focus on some IT-related topics. It turns out however, that recently these two aspects have become very close and it is now hard to separate them. Apparently, the informatic solutions proved to be one of the most effective weapons against economic crisis.

Covid-19 wave, the wave of needs

These days we have been experiencing a flood of requests from our clients to implement new products in their companies. Usually they ask us to create a new procedure of document circulation as well as to adjust the document form to their new needs. Where does such a huge increase of demand come from? It’s because of the pandemic, of course. Companies try to restrict the number of people remaining in the offices at the same time, so they implement working shift or convert into home office entirely.

Although the remote work has a lot of advantages in terms of prophylaxis, security and economy, it also hindered the corporate communication considerably. It becomes apparent now how many enterprises, in spite of having a proper IT environment, still use very old-fashioned methods. Hand-written notes, traditional mail, no electronic signature or seal and no circulation procedure for paper documents. Hard to say, what causes such a huge resistance from everyday work facilitation. Maybe it is the matter of mistrust towards new technologies? Maybe being accustomed for many years to old methods? Or maybe the inability to learn about new tools available and the use them?

There are surely more reasons, but those listed above seem, in our view, the most plausible. The pandemic forced many companies to reorganize work and to open for new opportunities. Employers have no choice but to equip their employees, somehow trapped at homes, with tools appropriate for home office as well as to oblige them to learn about new technologies. All that in order to avoid loses, efficiency decrease and to survive the crisis. Dismissals and leaves of absence remain the alternative, but few companies can afford them these days.

Positive thinking in times of crisis?

Instead of having a nervous breakdown because of the tough worldwide situation, we prefer to focus on positive aspects. Company owners are more and more aware of the role of IT tools in their business future. We are not certain for how long our homes will also be our offices, but we have to be prepared for the possible next lockdowns. From one point of view it is uncertain if the company survives next covid waves, from the other – employers finally see the effects of IT tools, including those implemented by KORSOL company. It opens a way for creation of new solutions, while more and more tasks are subject of automatization or remote supervision. One of those solutions caught our attention particularly, because it shows how many tasks we are able to convert into virtual world.

Training may be a great perk

What additional benefits is the company able to give its employees in times of pandemic? The benefit of security is in this case obvious: as many people as possible were transferred to home office. The rest of the staff is functioning now with maximally restricted physical contact. So what else? Such perks as movie and theatre tickets, gym admission cards, office catering and employee parties are now completely useless. That is why companies tend to put more emphasis to in-service trainings: they can be held online and the achieved skill improvement is beneficial both for workers and their employees. Consequently, more and more training requests are being sent and companies usually eagerly respond with a positive answer.

This is where a problem of scale arises. Small business deals only with a few personnel trainings a year, so it does not pose any organizational difficulties. Although, while a huge corporation with dozens of employees is discussed, the trainings also come in dozens. Each application must be processed on different management levels, decisions must be made and the applier has to be directed to a proper department. The problem of scale leads to problems of time and money. The company spends enough on trainings; why should it employ another person to process the training applications? Another worker is needed, because of the amount of tasks: if the matter is not automatized, the processing takes a full-time job of an HR specialist.

How to facilitate the requests circulation in the company?

KORSOL company specialises in solving such problems. The first stage of our work was in our client’s case a very thorough analysis of their needs, that is, the whole path of request flow. This made us realize again, how indispensable IT systems are, especially in big companies. The procedure we managed to develop, turned out to be very complicated, so physically it requires many visits of the responsible employee to different departments. The total time of circulation? According to us, at least one week provided that the document is not lost/stuck anywhere and the decisions are made clearly and immediately.

The next stage of KORSOL work means developing a procedure that remains the closest to the actual, physical one while implementing additional organisation facilities. We do not deal with process optimalisation, however are quite experienced in this field and always ready to advise our clients. We use much effort to determine the permissions of procedure parties as precisely as possible, to assign proper groups and categories to the requests – so as to avoid any ambiguity and make sure the employee always knows who submit the request to. We also create statuses for documents so that every interested user knows, what stage the procedure is on, how many stages are yet to be completed and, in some cases, what department is the case “stuck” in. What is more, those workers who receive the requests see notifications in the system that remind them about the task.

Full transparency and responsibility for completing the procedure is enforced among all document flow participants. An employee sends the training request fast and comfortably and it is immediately sent to subsequent decision-makers. After that, depending on what the decision is, the document goes further or comes back with a note to the sender. Provided that all users remain online, the whole procedure is shortened to even half an hour.

Training is only the beginning

Obviously, our authorial document flow procedure module does not have to cover only training requests. All other documents that require approval/confirmation of more than one person, that must be catalogued in a few different places and sent from department to department, may be subject of electronic flow procedure.

Facilitation of document flow in companies is something we excel at. In what fields do we usually help to achieve it? Look at the following examples:

Invoice circulation

Purchase application

Car fleet settlement

Business travel

Leave of absence

Electronic pass

Electronic bill of freight

More time, more profits

We believe that saving companies during covid-19 crisis should start from organizational changes inside them. We probably won’t avoid home office, at least not in the following months. The pandemic has set forth some new trends in business, human resources and project management. Instead of resisting, it is worth considering the facilitations which help save money and time. High worker efficiency, raising qualifications and suitable remote solutions are not only the remedies for covid-related obstacles. They are also ways to gain profits while the worldwide situation does not foster the development of any business.

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