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Every company has experienced staffing problems at some point. Regardless of the size of the business, there are difficulties with planning employees’ days off, emergencies and mistakes made while preparing shift schedules. How can an IT system make tasks such as leave of absence recording and planning easier?

More and more recruiters and HR departments claim that ATS has become an absolute must-have for those who seek new employees. From the applicants’ point of view it also has multiple advantages. ATS system – what is it and why it is worth having?

EDI for home office

18 March 2022

Home office still prevails in most companies. Tough reality has been testing companies in terms of remote document and work management. How to endure the trial through proper coordination of employees working at home? What are the benefits of Electronic Data Interchange - EDI - for home office?

Have you ever heard this abbreviation during a business meeting and wondered what it meant? It is quite possible that your collocutors were also not entirely aware of its meaning. The answer proves to be ambivalent and indicates a common misunderstanding of CRM nature.

Some new abbreviations are trending in business language. B3B, HORECA, CEO, MBA and many more are now common and almost no one needs to explain their meanings. The IT branch does not only keep up with these trends but also creates a variety of new names. Critical for the contemporary companies’ development is the solution hidden under another mysterious abbreviation: DMS. It is worth decoding so as to reveal its numerous facilitations.

What is ROI?

08 June 2021

Are IT systems worth investing in? What is ROI and why companies tend to ask about it while preparing themselves for investments? When may the effects of technological changes become noticeable? KORSOL answers the most frequently asked questions about spending money on IT products.

How often does it happen that some “advisors” try to diminish the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs? How often do service suppliers let their clients know that they manage their companies wrong? It might seem unthinkable and theoretically impossible. The reality looks quite different though, especially in agriculture.

Eco-friendly IT systems

24 February 2021

What is the most common practice among companies these days? Ecology and sustainability, obviously. It is the topic that both huge, international corporations and smaller, more local companies raise more and more eagerly. Here, a great influence on environmental strategies exert IT systems. How does exactly the role of IT in ecology look like?

RPA expansion in Poland is a fact now. How does the crisis induce our dependence from RPA? Is it going to help us recover from coronavirus damage made to our country’s market? And what does the RPA abbreviation actually mean?

To be honest, we would like to write less about the pandemic and focus on some IT-related topics. It turns out however, that recently these two aspects have become very close and it is now hard to separate them. Apparently, the informatic solutions proved to be one of the most effective weapons against economic crisis.

Even in the most well-organized enterprises the matter of red tape might give the employees and management a lot of sleepless nights. Small companies lack specialists who may be assigned the task of documentation management and who are able to devote all their working hours to that. Larger corporations employ whole departments of accounting, HR and supporting offices, however, those entities have proportionally more work due to bureaucracy.

We have reached the second stage of lockdown. The next few months will show which companies took technical and organizational precautions and which did not show enough flexibility during the difficult covid-19 pandemic time.

What is traceability and why is it so important?
In short, traceability means being able to identify something and trace it. The term is close in meaning to „detectability” and „identification”. It was primarily used in reference to production chain and the level of control over the enterprise.


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