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About us

KORSOL specializes in delivering wide variety of IT services. Our offer is not a closed, finite unit as we attempt to meet our clients’ needs whose comfort and growth we prioritize. Developing effective IT solutions accompanied by constant drive to find new, creative improvements is something that we definitely excel at. Our knowledge of common organizational difficulties that companies come across stems from cooperation with many businesses in need. We compose our solutions basing upon Ready_TM platform — the successor of a well-known, respected and popular information flow system: eDokumenty. This innovative tool enables companies to exchange data quickly and conveniently. We also make sure that every solution we implement in your company is compatible with IT systems already functioning in its environment. What is more, Ready_TM enables us integrate different IT systems that have been introduced earlier in the company which improves management and internal communication. In addition, we offer authorial, dedicated modules based on Ready_TM platform that may be selected individually, instead of buying the whole package.


What is ROI?

08 June 2021
What is ROI?

Are IT systems worth investing in? What is ROI and why companies tend to ask about it while preparing themselves for investments? When may the effects of technological changes become noticeable? KORSOL answers the most frequently asked questions about spending money on IT products.


Don’t give up on your know-how

09 March 2021
Don’t give up on your know-how

How often does it happen that some “advisors” try to diminish the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs? How often do service suppliers let their clients know that they manage their companies wrong? It might seem unthinkable and theoretically impossible. The reality looks quite different though, especially in agriculture.


KORSOL solutions

Our job is to transform verbal communication inside the company into virtual stream of data possible to be saved in the system. As a consequence, full transparency is enabled which in turn leads to enhancement of staff effectiveness. KORSOL also provides quick and thorough access to information about all workstreams of the company. Accumulation of data and producing documentation become easier through our management panels together with document automation software for reports and comparisons. The following modules are only samples of our abilities. Feel free to share your difficulties with us and see how creative we can be!

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Task assignment

Innovative solution for power plants

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Returnable packaging monitor

Surveillance over returnable pakaging management

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Internal logistics

Optimum storage space management

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Photographic documentation

Documentation with visual attachments

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Electronic pass

Efficient staff register on company premises

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Teamwork coordination

Data exchange board

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Invoice circulation

Facilitated transaction management

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Business travel

Business trips control

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Leave of absence

Applying and responding faster than ever

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Correspondence circulation

No more lost documents

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Purchase application

Processing and execution in no time

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Full control over entries and exits

Marcin Mularski

Convenience and easy access to information

Marcin Mularski, co-owner of „Mularski Group”
Through implementation of KORSOL solutions I gained easy access to all data concerning my enterprise. I do not have to know how IT systems work to be in full control. I just need to log into my "Centre of Enterprise Operations". New solutions have provided me and my workers much convenience at work, of which I am extremely glad.

Individually tailored solutions

Each customer, each company has a unique story, individual management style as well as different problems and needs. Our main focus is to create individually tailored solutions. KORSOL specialists investigate the sources of complications in companies and create methods suitable for the working environment.

What is holding you back

Companies asking for our assistance usually consist of many departments. In each of them a great number of different IT systems are employed and such variety may cause many coordination difficulties. Various data bases, different operational systems, separate IT service providers. It is natural for the departments to use diversity of systems since they cover some distinct tasks (client service, human resources, purchase orders, production, storage, accounting, etc.). Building one, consistent system for all the divisions, as much as it is sought for, would most likely prove very expensive and time-consuming. In addition, such a solution would become too difficult to use and consequently lose its originally intended purpose: simplification and rationalization of work. At that stage most entrepreneurs cease to seek for new IT solutions as they fear (falsely) that changes might prove too expensive and invasive.

What we can do for you

KORSOL deals with integration of systems already existing within the companies, without the need to implement any drastic changes on the employee level. As a consequence, the whole process does not interfere with the performance of different divisions. Due to integration we are able to create one, coherent, effective and safe IT environment at short notice. Our tool based on Ready_TM platform allows exchanging information freely between different data bases, collecting data from all company’s domain systems as well as generating reports and profiles. This means measurable profits for the company: better communication results in performance optimization which in turn lead to more efficient work. In addition, the platform with all modules







and reliability

What is your profit

Employer - full control

  • Tools which help you collect all information about current company performance easily
  • You and your executive cadre are able to make decisions efficiently due to keen insight to all departments’ performance
  • Easy access to all reports created by us according to your guidelines. All necessary data from lots of domain systems in one place
  • Nothing important happens unnoticed

Employee - convenient tools

  • Employees perform their tasks using systems they are accustomed to
  • Their work is not disturbed by any system change and the need to master new software
  • They gain new tools enhancing their work through elimination of time-consuming procedures – check modules in our offer!


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