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18 March 2022

Home office still prevails in most companies. Tough reality has been testing companies in terms of remote document and work management. How to endure the trial through proper coordination of employees working at home? What are the benefits of Electronic Data Interchange - EDI - for home office?

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We have all taken multiple hits during the never-ending lockdowns, however in 2020 they came as a surprise to all of us. Now, after over two years of pandemic wrestling we are already a little bit experienced in this matter. Companies had enough time to implement some changes. Changes that usually concern a whole new cadre management (not only office workers but also those involved in production and retail). Means of B2B and B2C communication have also been transformed, just like request and teamwork management. All these changes could not have been performed without technology and proper Document Management System, as the former tools had not been enough in the face of home office.

EDI for home office - DMS – relieving IT department

It is obvious, that not every company would be able to find IT resources eligible for new pandemic circumstances. Only few businesses employ sufficient number of IT specialists to be able to develop new systems right away.

Fortunately there are some external solutions available, which do not require installing any additional software. KORSOL products are designed exactly for those who look for new IT facilities but lack huge infrastructure. Easy access through a browser: one only needs to sign into a password-protected account and may immediately start working with documents and other users. How can such a teamwork look like? First and foremost it is not restricted only to office workers. All employees who deal with production parameters monitoring are able to communicate effectively through the platform.

How to coordinate teamwork through electronic data interchange (EDI)

Exactly for that we have developed a teamwork coordination module. Its main task is to facilitate work, information and data exchange between employees immediately engaged in the project. The sole case is visible only to its participants or supervisors. Sometimes the case involves a lot of experiments, setting changes (for example of production parameters) and tests. The results are displayed within the system immediately after logging in while their interpretation may be carried out using a virtual board of data exchange. This board is dedicated to perform discussion and work out new solutions. It is worth mentioning that the participants always see the latest parameters/data, which the discussion refers to. As a consequence, the board may facilitate company’s performance considerably. Especially when it comes to projects developed by several teams or shifts.

Project coordination for typical office work is simplified similarly. The manager opens a new case, initiates brainstorming session and the base concept gains selected additional ideas. Then the discussion continues, but the most recent version is developed, not the initial one. All employees are updated about the changes, even those who joined the project in latter phases. One may also check the update history, so as to avoid any idea repetition.

EDI for home office - How to prepare against the consequences of isolation?

Why such a solution becomes so priceless in times of pandemics? It maximises the efficiency of information flow as well as their update while keeping the immediate contact between employees as rare as possible. Employers may increase shift changes, manage remote work of whole teams and still benefit from business stability. Machinery parameters are set on an ongoing basis and the results analysed continuously, which provides high productivity – somebody always controls the process. Ther projects are also protected against standstill. It is because no videoconference must be appointed (with its all technical obstacles) in order to discuss new matters. The discussion goes on naturally, always topically. What is more, employee activity is always visible and always subject to verification by any supervisor so that the participants always feel obliged to fast reaction. They do not have to leave the online platform or log in anywhere else, They discuss on the board, always being able to check their ongoing work cases, which would be impossible with external communicators.

Electric Data Interchange (EDI) - home office tools

Of course Teamwork coordination module is not the only KORSOL product that responds to the new home office reality. A great complement mat be some basic features such as document flow, HR and accounting department tools, production process coordination, budget control and analysis. Through those, companies which already have a well-developed home office system may extend their choice of modules and facilitate their work further. Employess are then able to perform their tasks without making any phone calls. Proper workflow procedures guard the order of tasks within cases which concern different departments and teams. Elcetronic document flow simplifies then most of the aspects of company work and makes it possible to work effectively even during times of isolation.

Work at home - how to turn it into success?

The last two years have been a period of constant change: fear and uncertainty of the early pandemics, lockdowns, temporary loosening of restrictions, comeback to work or school and so on. Now, in order to alleviate the consequences, a very vast development of remote work management, so it is worth trying to use such situation. One way to keep up with the changes is to follow the lead of big companies which have already invested in online tools. No effort in order to implement sufficient IT systems literally means loosing money. Who has no chance to profit?

  • The companies which force employees to develop new forms of communication and management without any help.
  • The companies which have no efficient internal information flow and experience chaos in documentation.
  • The companies which do not limit the immediate contact between employees at all and only count new cases of infection.

Only an electronic data interchange system is able to maintain proper organisation and task performance on the level from before home office era (or higher). This is why today the investment in such tools is inevitable.

EDI for home office - Benefits of EDI

To sum up, what are the most common benefits of electronic data interchange for teams working remotely or on home office?

  • Employee safety during pandemics
  • Full control over processes and projects
  • Easy and convenient communication
  • No need to extend the IT department
  • No need to install additional software
  • Constant insight of the participants into up-to-date parameters and arrangements
  • Possibility of discussion and adding comments within a project

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