Covid-19 - teamwork in times of home office

27 November 2020

We have reached the second stage of lockdown. The next few months will show which companies took technical and organizational precautions and which did not show enough flexibility during the difficult covid-19 pandemic time.

The previous time of shutting down most institutions turned out to be quite painful for all of us, but in March it was all a big surprise. In October however, we had been warned through endless gossip about the second wave of covid-19 circulating since the very beginning of the pandemic. Companies had therefore enough time to introduce changes and improvements. Changes concerned majorly with staff management (not only management cadre but also employees dealing with production and trade). What also went through transformation, were ways of communication with clients, support of queries and teamwork which had to be moved into online mode. All of those changes would not be possible without the help of technology, as the solutions used past proved inefficient in the face of the omnipresent home office.

Instead of IT department

Obviously, not every company is able to instantly develop new IT systems within its resources which will also remain enough during Covid. Not all enterprises even employ so many IT specialists to order them such a task.

Fortunately, there are some external solutions which do not require installing any software. KORSOL products were developed exactly for enterprises which are looking for some ways of facilitation. Easy access through a web browser; the user just has to log into his password-protected account and is given access to a documentation flow system and online teamwork tool. How such work may look like? Above all, it is not restricted to office workers. Also those employed in order to monitor production parameters are able to communicate through the platform.

Teamwork coordination

In order for that exactly, our teamwork coordination module was created. The main aim of the module is the ability to work and exchange data between among those engaged to a given topic or project. The project is visible only for its members or workers entitled to control the team. Sometimes works are related to numerous actions in order to adjust settings, change parameters and test ideas. The results of beforementioned, are displayed right after logging into the system and their interpretation is ready to be conducted on the dedicated wall of data exchange. This is the place where discussion takes place and new arrangements are developed, while all project members constantly see the current parameters/data the discussion refers to. It is a major facilitation, especially in companies that employ several teams and shifts to work on a case.

The coordination of typical office work projects may be facilitated similarly. A manager launches a topic, a brainstorm begins and the draft is updated with chosen ideas. The discussion may continue, however it does not concern the initial project, but its current version. All employees responsible can keep track of the changes, even those who joined the project in its later stages. They all are able to check the update history so as to avoid any repetition.

How to become immune to Covid-19 consequences?

Why such a solution is so important during the pandemic period? It simplifies the information flow and maximizes its topicality while minimizing immediate human contact. The employer has an opportunity to rise the number of work shifts, order home office either for some part of teams or for the whole personnel. And all of this with untouched stability. Machine parameters are set on an ongoing basis, their results continuously analysed, hence the stability of effectiveness – somebody always stays alert. What is more, also the projects do not fall victim of stagnation, because the need of discussing a new matter does not require another videocall and another fight with technical difficulties. The discussion progresses naturally, always according to the current topic. Additionally, the activity of members is always visible and may be monitored by a manager any time, therefore the employees feel obliged to a quick response. They even do not have to log out of the platform – they carry the discussion on the wall, having constant insight into the cases which is a great advantage over some external communicators.

Home office tools

Of course, the Teamwork Coordination Module is not an only KORSOL product that responds to the needs of home office workers. Some basic modules such as documentation flow, HR and accounting facilities, production processes coordination, budget control and analytics may also prove a great addition to it. Due to them, even the enterprises which already have a developed home office system are able to extend their activity and use new solutions.

These days we can observe very fast development of remote working organization, so it is worth using such situation and turn Covid-19 inconvenience into success. The only way not to fall behind is to follow companies investing in virtual management. Lack of action in order to implement suitable IT systems means agreeing to losses.

Who loses time and money?

  • The companies where employees have to work out new solutions of communication and organizing.
  • The companies which do not have an efficient information flow and experience internal chaos.
  • The companies which do not decide to restrict the immediate contact between employees at all and count new cases of infections.

Solutions for remote work of teams

To sum up, which solutions are suitable for remote work of teams?

  • The security of workers in times of pandemic,
  • Full control over processes and projects,
  • Comfortable communication,
  • No need to employ a big IT department,
  • No need to instal any additional software,
  • Constant insight of the project members into current parameters and agreements,
  • The possibility to convey discussions and adding comments within the project.

You are welcome to visit our website for more information.

We also recommend the abovementioned modules which facilitate the work of accounting and HR departments and are possible to be integrated with company ERPs: the module of invoice circulation, contract register and leave of absence application.

Feel free to visit the website of our new product - TraceON - and find out more about traceability.


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