Remote Teamwork

Remote Teamwork

remote control over projects

  • Employees are given logins and passwords to gain proper access to cases and folders.
  • An electronic consistent itemised file list created with virtual cases to be added for better project management.
  • All company cases divided into categories, departments and responsible employees.
  • Sharing folders made possible through granting access to cases, tasks, files, documents.
  • Discussion over a given case possible through posting comments and notes independently to projects, documents, tasks.
  • Remote control over projects possible through the catalogue of all project events, e.g. meetings, document drawing, task realization, phone calls.
  • Quick adding, editing and removing events in cases, projects, calendar, schedule.
  • Alerts notify the user that a new event has appeared, e.g. new e-mail, document or task was added.
  • Intuitive navigation and data filtering through toolbars, filters (e.g. files, departments, tasks, shared cases), case lists, case groups.
  • Chat online for employees to discuss current matters.


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