Safe Corporate E-Mail
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Safe Corporate E-Mail

communication inside the company

  • A module of the electronic mail available inside the company was created.
  • A common register and user nomenclature introduced within the module.
  • Forming and sending electronic correspondence enabled.
  • Assigning individual messages to folders in the Company Affairs module.
  • Saving attachments directly within the system with no need to download them.
  • Notifications about received email may be forwarded to other users.
  • Service support has been provided for the module.
  • A secure spam filter has been implemented.
  • Employees are given logins and passwords to gain proper access to corporate mailboxes.
  • Electronic correspondence flow adjusted to the organizational structure of the company.
  • Shared mailbox available for employees responsible for the same address, e.g. main company e-mail.
  • Creating invoices possible directly from the e-mail messages.
  • Organization of corporate affairs facilitated through the ability to attach messages to cases.


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