remote worktime management

  • Remote worktime management.
  • Ability to analyse all events planned within the system regardless of their connection to any contractor, case or project.
  • Adding tasks or events directly in the calendar or in the case.
  • Ability to navigate quickly and filter information using: toolbars, filters (e.g. priority, meeting, date), calendar layout (day, week, month).
  • Ability to display the calendar to co-workers or to the employer. In this case calendars of different people are given different colours.
  • Sharing the calendar with particular employees or within groups (e.g. people working over the same project).
  • Ability to add private events, invisible for employers and co-workers who share the given calendar.
  • Adding events using Event Form, which consists of sections: General, Additional, Comments, Attachments as well as toolbar buttons: Create related event, Remove, Cycle.
  • Setting a reminder to finish a task or a case.
  • Adding comments to respective tasks, also by co-workers sharing the calendar (Comment section).


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