Electronic bill of freight

Electronic bill of freight

Constant control over loose freight transport

Existing status

  • Each bill of freight is printed in multiple copies, e.g. for: the sender, the sender’s weighmaster, the carrier, the recipient and the recipient’s weighmaster.
  • During freight preparation for transport the weighmaster fills in the bill of freight manually, especially the obligatory points: bill number, date, sender, recipient, place of issuing, place of reception, freight, registration plate number, driver’s name, driver’s id number, telephone number, amount, weight.
  • After reaching the recipient’s premises the freight is weighed again, the procedure of filling the bill repeats.
  • Filling the documents in manually may result in errors and later discrepancies in weighs and contractor details.
  • The weighmaster writes the weigh of received freight into the bill. The copy of the document together with acknowledgement is then forwarded to the recipient.
  • In case of weight discrepancy a separate paper document is drawn in case filling a complaint is necessary.
  • The carrier transports and hands in to the sender the acknowledged original bill of freight. The paper document might be destroyed or lost during transport.
  • The carrier must stop multiple times to unload freight on different recipients’ premises. In each location the procedure of weighing and acknowledgement with the bill of freight repeats.
  • The sender often receives the acknowledgement of freight reception with a considerable delay.
  • Average time of document circulation between the sender and the recipient from issuing the freight to receiving the acknowledgement: about a week.
  • Companies store paper bills of freight together with their copies and they usually take up a lot of space.
  • Each company runs separate registers of bill of freight.
  • Employees responsible for document archiving in companies lack tools to catalogue and search the bills of freight efficiently.


Our experts will help you:

  • Create an electronic bill of freight.
  • Implement one, comprehensive numbering of bills.
  • Create an electronic system of bill of freight acknowledgement on different management levels.
  • Set an alert signalling differences in weighs or wrong weigh data (according to client’s fault tolerance rate).
  • Assign the users logins and passwords, through which they gain access to bill of freight register according to their post in the company.
  • Assign statuses of bills according to the procedure stage they are on.
  • Assign orders remotely by the supervisors through posting comments to the bill document.
  • Create the module of registers reporting data about bills of freight.
and reliability


  • The electronic bill of freight proves useful when the reception of the freight by the recipient must be acknowledged.
  • The sender is able to check reception data online with no need to wait for the arrival of the carrier who returns the acknowledged bill.
  • The electronic bill of freight cannot be lost or destroyed.
  • No paper account of bills of freight needs to be kept both on sender’s and recipient’s site.
  • Contractor data is able to be automatically loaded from database lists.
  • The weight submitted by the weighmaster may be automatically checked (according to client’s fault acceptance rate).
  • Quick access to bills of freight register for authorized employees.
  • The weigh may be agreed upon on both sender’s and recipient’s site immediately after reception of goods.
  • Supply completion status is quickly accessible by authorised users.
  • Lower costs due to less paper documentation.
  • Convenient search through the bills of freight catalogues and easy remote verification of them.
  • Generating wide range of comparisons and reports became possible.
  • Simple export of comparisons to Excel spread sheet.
  • SAAS model provided – the data are stored on service provider’s server.
  • Waiting time for bill of freight issuing reduced by up to 15 minutes.


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